Best Place To Buy A Domain Name In 2021

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Any individual, Blogger, Business, or Organization planning to have an Internet presence should invest in a domain name.

So if you are thinking about purchasing a domain for that, here I’m giving you the complete guideline. 

I think you already heard some domain registration companies’ names like- GoDaddy,, Bluehost,, HostGator, and maybe more than that I mention here.  

But from my recommendation and my first choice is NameSilo

For the last seven years, I’m buying my domain from this company, which is why I’m sharing my own experiences that I gather for a long time.

I’m happy for their service, privacy policy, pricing, and everything they provide me whenever I need to buy any domain.

Let’s dig into the review and explanation!

Simple Introduction About NameSilo


NameSilo is an American Internet domain registrar and web hosting company owned by NameSilo Technologies Corp. In July 2019, the company reached 3 million active domains. In Feb 2020, NameSilo sold 84.299 Bitcoins of $839K value. As of December 2019, NameSilo has 3.4 million active domains under management, placing it in the top 15 registrars worldwide.

So, why I’m recommending NameSilo company when I think of buying a domain?

Here, I’m going to share why you should buy your domain from NameSilo, the proper reason behind my recommendation, and why it’s good for you.

Affordable Pricing

As you can see in my video, I explain most of us actually purchases domains in (.com) for our business purpose or individual blogging purpose.  Still there is more like .com, .net, .org, .edu, .co etc. 

But .com is choosen by 80% people. 

From NameSilo, they offer a very affordable price for the .com domain. Compareasonly you will see that Google Domains Company, GoDaddy, are offering higher than Namesilo. 

Suppose I talk about the package. NameSilo offers Free WHOIS Privacy, Free Email Forwarding, Free Domain Defender Protection, Free Custom WHOIS Records, Free DNS Management, BULK Discount. 

On the other side, I already mentioned another .com domain purchases company that offers a package that contains very limited service.

Privacy Protection

As In their domain package, they offer FREE WHOIS Privacy. 

When someone searches for your domain in the WHOIS database, WHOIS privacy ensures that they can’t see your name, address, phone number, and other personal information if you already hide your privacy. 

So, if you want to hide your domain privacy, then you can use this feature. Accordingly, I showed in my video that only NameSilo and Google Domains company allow this feature for free.

And they provide DNS management. You can easily manage DNS, which stands for Domain Name Server.

When you are connecting your domain with hosting and need to verify your domain to other platforms like- CRM platform or any other place, you can easily manage it from the NameSilo dashboard.

It’s totally free and very easy to use. Most of the time i tested that your DNS service update within Five to Ten Minutes. So, you don’t need to wait for 24 or 48 hours to update your DNS.

Though DNS management or DNS update actually depends on your Internet Service Provider, but overall their DNS update and Ping result is very good.  

Quick Customer Service & Support 

 The most important thing is when you buy a domain, sometimes you need quick support.

We never know if our domain is not supporting as the same. Then we need some solution. 

Sometimes you need to transfer your domain, or sometimes you need to update your payment information, and there are more things that we need to handle with domain support. 


In big domain companies like GoDaddy, Google Domains, they support that I personally found that they provide it too late, which I usually don’t like!

As they have a massive range of customers, they don’t manage their time to give better customer support. We need to wait for a long time for their replies.

But at NameSilo, Their Domain support is very top-notch. In my video, I showed you a live chat with NameSilo. I hope that will give you a live view that how they provide support very quickly.

So, if you face any big issues or any small issues with your domain, Don’t worry! You will get quick and better support from them.

Great Domai Renewal System

NameSilo company gives a good renewal system. When your time to renew your domain, it could be after one year, this domain price will be the same. 

But for other LTD, they sometimes increased the price range. But still, it makes me feel that it’s affordable.

How Can You Create  Account and Buy Domain From NameSilo?

It’s very easy to create an account and buy a domain from NameSilo if you have a master card or PayPal account. 

You will find their payment gateways included with the package. They Accept over 150+ payment options, including Visa, Master Card, Amex, Discover, Apple pay, Google pay, PayPal, Skrill, and many more.

For creating your account, you need to sign up first. So make sure you are creating your account with valid information. After verifying your email account, you just need to buy your domain.

I already brought many domains from this company. So when you decide to buy your domain like me, just go to their homepage after creating an account. There you will find the Total domain purchasing section.

From their make sure that the domain name you choose for your website is exists or not. Search the Domain name there.

If the domain name is available for you, they just show you the payment view, and if the domain name is not available for you, they will show you “Try to Buy.”  That means it’s already taken.

So, Buy your domain with some easiest steps they are giving before selling the domain to you. Still, you can check the whole process from my video. I showed every step there.


Your chosen domain is buying done! It’s So easy, see?

Final Verdict

NameSilo is absolutely the best place to buy domain names. For more than seven years, I’m getting their warmest support within the shortest time and never face any big issues. No matter if you face any problem related to support and service, payment process, renewal system, privacy protection, you just can give them a text in “Live Chat,” and you will get the response within 10 Minutes!

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