How To Choose Best Web Hosting Company With Some Basic Checklist

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When you decide to set up a new website for your business or your individual blogging, I think it’s pretty hard to find the right hosting package. Hosting is one of the most important parts when you are running your business or blogging with an online presence.

So, It’s one kind of a hard challenge to find the best one, right?

Ever you ask yourself why good web hosting is important?

There 3 basics that you need to know about web hosting. Getting a perfect hosting means it helps for more traffic and bigger revenue. 

40% of visitors leave a website that takes the longest time to load.

Yes! If you choose a better hosting service, you can get relief from this pain. Speed time, instant loading, better response, high security, web location, everything matters a lot when your website meets a wrong hosting service.

And there is more!

Here I’m giving some tips and tricks that will help you select your perfect web hosting package easily for your website.

When we build a personal blogging website, business website, educational website, or E-commerce website, we always think about which hosting company and which hosting package we should need to choose for this.

Sometimes we worried too much! 

It’s normal. If you are worried about this, trust me, you care about your goal.

But don’t worry. I think I can help you out by solving all your worries.

So, I’m trying to resolve your problem. 

Uses Of Different Web Hosting

To better understand, I’m describing something more. 

We all know about the webserver if you are very new to this. No worries! In Web server, you can store all your website data. When you or anyone browse your domain name, it hits and sends the request to the webserver through the internet.  And when the web server responds to the user, they can see that website in the browser.

And basically, this one is the main task that a web server performs for any website.

There are mostly 3 types of the webserver. Those are-

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting: Shared hosting means you are sharing your machines with other people. And that’s why it contains less pricing.

Dedicated Hosting: If you are using your hosting just for your website, that stands for dedicated hosting. No one can use it.

And last one ….

VPS Hosting: You can buy a small portion of the machine for your website. No one can get permission to use your resources.

Yes! These are the primary difference among 3 types of web hosting.

When should you move into Dedicated hosting or VPS hosting?

Suppose your website has traffic of more than 10,000 per month. Then you can move into VPS hosting. Or, if your organization is too big, like the thousands of visitors you get in a day, you can move into dedicated hosting.

But if you have some limited visitors, like the traffic is less than 10,000, then you can pick shared hosting. Shared hosting is absolutely perfect for any small to medium website. So, no need to worries more about that.

So, I’m going to talk about 4 Web Hosting companies.

One is Name Cheap, another is Cloudways, and the rest of the two is- Bluehost and MDD Hosting.  Those 4 web hosting companies are the most popular and top hosting companies in the market.

And here I’ll explain why those companies are most popular, and I also explain some basics about Web hosting.

So, let’s dig into the more profound explanation!

NameCheap Hosting

They have a menu named hosting from the homepage, and there you’ll find a hosting package. 

They have – Shared Hosting, dedicated hosting for WordPress CMS named ‘WordPress Hosting,’ Reseller Hosting, which you can buy and you can also sell hosting to your clients, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server & Migrate to Namecheap. 

If you have web hosting from another company, you can easily able to migrate to Namecheap Hosting.

Inside Namechep’s Shared Hosting, you will see their popular package, Stellar Plus. And this package offers Unmetered SSD.

It means there are no limitations, and you can store unlimited data as most of us know that SSD is almost 20x better than a normal hard disk. So it’s a plus point.

There are other packages, stellar, which is cheaper than Stellar Plus. But from there, you only can get 3 websites, and stellar plus offers unlimited websites. 

And it also has Auto-backup, a Free CDN-content delivery network, unmetered bandwidth, the most popular web hosting software cPanel, dedicated IP to get more value in SEO perspective and 100% uptime-sometimes for one or two minutes, your website could be down, and it’s very natural!

So, if you want to buy shared web hosting, then Namecheap is the best place.


Because you will get industries’ best support from Namecheap, I Knocked them several times for my needs and want to check their support. I got quick customer service support within few minutes.

So this package is very cost-effective, good for startups and small to medium businesses.


Cloudways is good for VPS and Cloud hosting. Here you will see that they offer AWS, one of the best web hosting providers on the planet, Google cloud-which is directly for google server and DigitalOcean. 

If you buy cloud hosting and VPS, then definitely Cloudways is the best.


Because when you buy a droplet, droplet means a drop inter-data center. So when you buy a droplet, you need to configure it itself, and it’s a very very technical task! You need to be very careful.

So if you are not a technical person but still want to buy quality web hosting, you should go for Cloudways.

It’s the best place to buy managed VPS, like- DigitalOcean, Amazon AWS, and Google cloud.

I will definitely recommend if you want to buy cloud hosting, then AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud will be your best choice.

And their support is also great!

You can check their packages, and I also showed their best packages in my video. You can also check from there if you need to know more.

So, It’s a great place if you want to buy cloud hosting or VPS web hosting as it’s totally managed and super-fast web hosting on the planet. 

Cloudways recommended by too many experts as they found it really organized and managed web hosting than others.


Bluehost is another popular web hosting. But I’ll never recommend going for Bluehost.

Because their web hosting package pricing is a bit higher and their support is not good or instant, that makes that it’s a major issue for me!

As I mentioned 2 web hosting companies, I will never say Bluehost can be best for you if I compare it with them. 

MDD Hosting

And the one is MDD Hosting, and I felt the same for this hosting company.

They also have cloud hosting, but this package is very cheaper than Cloudways. 

But MDD hosting also a good web hosting provider. I’ll never say that I’m not recommending this one. If you want you can go for it. 

Final Verdict

In my whole overview, I describe which web hosting could be better for your company or if you want to choose a web hosting for which you need to be very careful.  You always need to concern about the service & support, uptime, bandwidth, pricing and it is really good for you or not!

If you want to choose shared hosting, then Namecheap is the best place, and if you want to choose VPS and cloud hosting, then Oceanways is best. 

Not only I’m recommending those companies, but there are many more experts who will give you the same overview of the mentioned company. 

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