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How to Register a Domain Name for Your Website From Namesilo

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Do You know using a high-value domain for your website helps establish authority, credibility, 

and professionalism, both online and offline?

On a basic level, domain names are important because the Internet’s addressing scheme is not very effective without them. 

So overall, before register a domain name for your website, you need to know everything about domain name registration.

Whatever you are making your own blog website or your business needs an online presence, you have to choose everything best, relevant and unique. 

But what if you don’t know the process of buying your own domain name and brought it from another person?

Let me share with you about a bad experience with my friends!

He brought his very first blogging website from just a known person. He gave all his requirements that he needs ‘,’ but they created the domain named ‘’ That was broke his heart!  And not only that, after using this website, sometimes he lost his data, and that known person never gave the effort to back those, and neither gave him the backups.

That’s the smallest story, but those can be very big issues if you want to move with a big vision if you have a successful business. 

So I always prefer and suggest anyone register their own domain name and always try to keep all your credential for your own if you never find a trusty person or agency for your next step. 

Here I’m going to share my domain name purchasing experience and describe the step-by-step process of how I brought it without any hassles. I hope that you would be able to buy your own domain for your blogging and business purpose.

Choose A Top-notch Supportive Domain Company


So before buying a domain name, you have to choose your preferable domain Company.

 As I prefer Namesilo domain company to buy any of my domain, so I would recommend you to buy your domain from Namsilo. In another article, I already describe why I choose Namesilo domain company because Namesilo has a top-notch support system, live chat, you will get a response from their representative within five to ten minutes. {link}

So, for me, support is very important. And if you are not a technical person, then you have to be more concerned about that. 

Or if you have any other preferable company, then you definitely go for that to buy your domain.

So, go inside the homepage of the domain company.  

Create Account In Namesilo

For creating an account in Namesilo, Just click on the sign-up option. There you will find a form, and you need to fill it with proper information.  

After filling in all of the information like- username, email address, password, just hit the create account button. 

That’s it! Your account is successfully created!

Now the email that you input there for creating an account just checks if you get any email from Namesilo or not. I hope you’ll get it within the blink of your eyes.

They will give you an email for verification, just click on that link from your email inbox and your email address & the account will be successfully verified.   

Steps of Buying A Domain From NameSilo

So, now you are in your Namesilo account. You got new access for buying your domain name.

From your account, you will be able to buy a domain. For this, you need to go to Namesilo Homepage, and there you’ll see a section mentioned with some words and a search box. From there, you could buy a domain. 

Now Inside the search box, you should type your preferable domain name that you want for further use. 

Make sure you are choosing the domain name that you really want!

In my video, I showed that how I brought a domain for an event management company.

So I searched for a domain name ( inside the search box, but I think this domain name is not free. Maybe this one is taken.

Why I think that the domain name could be taken from another person or organization?

Because if any of your chosen domain names is already taken, that means you need to choose anything else. That moment you will see “Try To Buy” And this one is a lengthy process at the same time, it’s too much costly.

But they will suggest to you some relevant domain names. How could you know that suggested one is free now?

You will find that besides the name, there will be a button named “Add.”

So, How do you choose the best domain name? Any idea?

Select the best domain name based on some simple criteria-

  • Long and confusing names are harder to remember and easier to mistype. So choose something really short and easier.
  • The more unique you can make your domain name, the more memorable it will be.
  • Easy to read and pronounce

So I tried another name, find something unique, and at the same time, hopefully, this will be memorable & free for me! 

Yes! I found this one for free named (

So, Should I buy this one now?

As I already found this one for free, and I have also chosen the domain name for my business. I’m going to check the precise. And you should check the price. They will show me the pricing for the (.com) domain. And the renewal pricing. 

Namesilo has a good factor that its purchasing price and the renewal price are almost the same. So, yes! I can buy this one, but I just will use this domain for video purposes. That’s why I don’t want to spend too much on it.

That’s why I’m not going to buy a (.com) domain. I’ll search for something else from the suggestions!

I found (.xyz) is suitable for me now and as it’s cheaper, I’m buying this one.

For Serious Business purposes, what types of domain should you need to Buy?

But, if you decide to buy a domain for serious business, blogging, and another purpose, you should definitely buy a (.com) domain.

Because (.com) domain is a top-level domain, and when you are doing SEO, this moment (.com) domain will help you a lot.

On the other hand, the (.xyz) domain will not help you with the SEO that you need most! SEO is a game-changer, so it’s a must!

So, serious business owner or blogger here? You should try the (.com) domain for your real betterment.

Payment Gateway For Purchasing Domain

After clicking the “Add” button, you will see the “checkout” button. 

For making payment, you need to click there.

So, After hitting the checkout button, you will get all of your domain purchasing information like- pricing, configuration option. 

Check your information very carefully. If you find something wrong or find a spelling mistake, just click on “remove”- then all data will remove. Just follow the same procedure after removing data, try to buy again with the correct spelling.

And if everything is ok, then continue the process by just clicking the “Continue” button.

Now, you will get a billing option. You are almost there to buy your dream domain.

In Namesilo, they offer 150+ payment methods. So, don’t worry about the payment. 

You can use a visa, master card, PayPal, Amex, bitcoin, and anything!

Now choose which payment method you are going to use for this process.

Just give your payment information as I show inside my video. If you get any problems, just watch it to make your concept more clear.

Your Transaction will be in the process!

It may take some time, so never close the window. Just wait for the confirmation.

Yes! You’re done!!!

Your transaction has been processed!

Check Your Email

Now, you should check your email, if you get it or not.

You will get an email including some purchasing information. 

After getting the email from Namesilo, your domain purchasing process is completely done!

Where Is Your Purchasing Domain?

Now you can ask me from where I found my domain?

If you want to check your domain list, you just need to click on “Manage my domains.”

And there you need to put some information to keep your information private.

So, fill in that information more carefully.

Now, click on “Create My New Account.”

Finally, it’s done!

You can successfully see your domain name in the list.

So, anytime you need to check your domain list, just go inside this option and see the list.

Final Verdict

In my whole domain purchasing step-by-step process, I showed something that will really help any people for buying their own domain for any business, e-commerce site, blogging site managing purpose in online and yes! In 2021 online presence means a lot.  Now not even a technical person can be able to buy any domain; if you are a non-technical person, welcome!

You will be absolutely able to buy your own business by following my step-by-step easiest domain purchasing process in Namesilo, or you can watch my video.

Feel free to contact if you get any problem during domain purchase. I’ll definitely show you more easiest path if you want.

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