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Link Building For SEO: Killing Strategies to Rank in Google

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In the arena of human society, nothing great has ever been achieved overnight. It takes time to build a good relationship. It also takes time to be in friendship with others. And we know that it takes time EVEN to give birth to a child through a nine-month LONG process. There is NO shortcut!

Likewise in the arena of the technical world of SEO, building quality backlinks on your webpage take a sufficient amount of time, because any form of shortcut will never bring you the ultimate success, at least in the eyes of Google whose ALGORITHM is SMART enough to detect almost everything today. Mind it, here I am talking about “Quality Backlinks”, and you are probably wondering what those are actually! Wait, I am coming to that point to explain it in the NEXT part of my blog.

So to say, getting backlinks steadily and NATURALLY from various quality sources (High Domain Authorities) SHOULD be the ultimate goal, and to do that, you NEED to FOCUS on publishing QUALITY CONTENTS of particular niches for your webpage, because “ MAGNET attracts MAGNET” similarly “QUALITY CONTENT brings in QUALITY BACKLINKS” 

Is it Enough? Of course, NOT! Because I will take you a step further to enlighten you about the “concept of BACKLINKS”, especially the GOOD-QUALITY BACKLINKS and HOW you can naturally achieve it for your own betterment and bring organic referral as well as stable traffic to your website. Sounds Interesting? Let’s DIVE right in! 



What are Backlinks

Backlinks are the links from other websites which link back to your website. 

To make it more clearly understandable, let me define it in another way.

Backlinks are the links that are found mostly from other reputed third-party websites that point back to YOUR WEBSITE as reference are called backlinks. These are often referred to as inbound links which are the very integral part of performing SEO. 


Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks have been around for a very long time and they have become one of the top 3 major ranking factors for websites as emphasized by Google itself in the year 2016. They are the ones that assist you to rank on the first page of search results and are very helpful for increasing your website’s traffic ORGANICALLY and GRADUALLY over the years. Now you can understand how important a role “backlinks” play in Search Engine Optimization. So let me show you a magic formula regarding HOW to acquire backlinks that work for you and create a great impact NATURALLY on your SEO. It starts with the following ways.

FIRSTLY, you need to:

  • Write a couple of QUALITY CONTENTS
  • QUALITY content means MORE SHARE
  • More Share means GREATER REACH
  • Greater Reach means MORE TRAFFIC on your website. 

SIMPLE?  It’s NOT!  Because it’s NOT basically a MAGIC, it’s actually a LOGIC! 

The above formula should be the criteria to start from scratch if you are a start-up and newly starting your business to rank your website gradually in the huge competition of SEO.

The ONLY way to get “quality-backlinks reference” from an authentic and highly reputed domain is your QUALITY CONTENT no matter what, and whatever your niche is. So the traffic on your websites can find those contents helpful and sharable as well as want to stay for a long time on your website to get the authentic information. Thus, you gain trust and gain links from those High Domain Authorities or popular websites.  As a result, it creates credibility for your website and gives a signal to Google that your content or webpages are linked-to by other popular websites. And this is how you get the benefits of backlinking.  


Backlinks That Help You Stable Ranking

If you want your website to rank higher on Google, you need to know how to create a backlink campaign and how to leverage those backlinks. 

There are actually many strategies for backlinks. So it can be difficult to choose which type to use. The good news is that all backlinks are good in their own ways, so it’s just a matter of choosing which one best suits your needs. 

In this blog, you will learn all about the 12 types of backlinks and what they can do for your website to rank in search results.

Let us NOW dig into those STRATEGIES below:

  1. Write Great Content
  2.  Use an Outreach Platform
  3. Networking with other webmasters
  4. Guest Blogging 
  5. Broken Link Building 
  6. Reputable Directories
  7. Use infographics
  8. Monitor Brand Mentions
  9. Social Media
  10. Monitor Your Backlinks
  11. Create FREE Tools & Templates
  12. Case Study For Credibility

To be on top of the SERP, let’s see my in-depth explanation of these backlinks strategies BELOW and how they can help you in ranking.

Write Great Content

To get quality backlinks, you need to write great and interesting content on your websites. And there are some criteria to produce relevant content which should be user-centric and that is liked by Google. Quality content must have the following components, such as-

  • Publish such type of content which is directly related to your industry
  • Having the presence of your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) in your content
  • It should be long-form content ( Ideally, 2000+ words)
  • Should have an attention-grabbing headline
  • Your content must have useful information and a hook that can keep the readers entangled
  • It should have relevancy and appealing content as well as proper citations, graph and data (wherever necessary) so that other websites want to link to it if they want.

Make a Cold Outreach 

To link back to your sites, you need to make a cold outreach to the high domain authorities with your quality content in the same niche. First and foremost you need to prepare a list of relevant websites and blogs.

Then you should approach them by pitching a cold email. Show them that your contents are helpful and if they can grab the attention of your quality content, they will surely want to link back to you. So, to build your brand and reach your voice to them, make a cold outreach to a handful of publication industries or journalists or other authoritative sources. 

One such platform is HARO (Help A Reporter Out). Journalists or publication industries really like those who have subject-matter-expertise. It helps you get or acquire backlinks from them whenever you can answer a particular query or even you can come up with your own opinion in relation to that query. This can really bring you the reference of backlinks from such good sources.  

Networking with other webmasters

If you want to increase the chances of acquiring inbound links, you must start networking with people in the same industry to build friendships. Who knows this friendship can turn into a great blessing for your business? If you can strengthen your friendly relationship with other webmasters of the same industries, you really have the chance to achieve more backlinks from those sources. Make sure that whoever you are networking with, has great popularity and is highly reputed. 

Guest Blogging

So what is actually Guest Blogging? It’s nothing but a practice of writing articles and blogs for another domain or authority. As an expert in your niche, You can start approaching the publications which work in the same industry, and as a result of your blogging or writing articles for them, you can earn backlinks easily.

But if you need further exposure, you need to write quality content for your own websites, and then approach to hunt backlinks from other reputed websites or authorities by writing articles for their websites. But you have to keep in mind that your content should provide value to the traffic of the websites you are writing for. You should not just earn backlinks for the sake of popularity, rather than adding value to your content whatever you are writing. 

Broken Link Building 

Sometimes, you must have seen that the LINKS of some websites get broken or turn into 404 errors. Why does this happen? It happens when those website owners shift their website to another URL or expire their domain. As a result, links get broken and you can take up this golden opportunity to approach them in a friendly manner informing them that the links of their website are broken, and you can replace them with yours. You can politely request them with your suitable content which best fits to that broken link.

But, firstly you need to identify the broken links by using site-crawling tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs and many others. But you need to befriend them first and inform them to use your content alternatively as a token of gift. Eventually, this cooperation turns into friendship, and in return, you can get backlinks in the future. 

Reputable Directories

In local search, the importance of DIRECTORIES for ONLINE VISIBILITY cannot be denied or overlooked. It increases your brand awareness and you can reach your potential local customers. Eventually, there is a certain chance of building credibility and reputation and thus you can get backlinks from this platform. So you should list your business in reputable directories. But you should be very careful of spammy directories that ask links for links which is nothing but a link scheme to Google. You should definitely avoid those practices for the sake of getting backlinks because it can put you in a danger. So deal with it carefully. 

Use infographics

Between INFOGRAPHICS and WRITTEN WORDS, people will probably pick infographics to understand any theme if they need quick results.  So the importance of visually appealing infographics is worth mentioning. They can provide readers or viewers with the information in a very short time because the human mind can register that information quickly from pictures, not rather from reading a long article. So you should create fresh and data-driven infographics for your brands and use them in your content. If you yourself can create such infographics, it can bring you inbound links as an original source if people from the same industry want to refer you to their website. 

Monitor Brand Mentions

By setting up alerts using tools such as BuzzSumo, Mention, or Google Alerts, you can track or monitor the mention of your brand whenever other websites use or refer to your brand name. As a consequence of that, you can reach out to them to see whether they have a link back to your site.  If they do not mention your brand with your URL, you can request them by reaching through a cold email for an inbound link for mentioning your brand.

You can also mention the URL of your website’s home page or product pages if they have not done it on their website. But if they did, you have to check if the link is broken or not. If your link is found broken, you can provide them with your live link, so that other websites can easily use it in their platform. This results in getting backlinks for your website, which will be really great for you.

Social Media

In today’s time, it will be a boon for you if you have made an active presence on social media. It helps you to get exposure to a large number of people for your brand awareness. Whenever you post more offers or your product information on your site, it will help you reach more people. Therefore you have to install social sharing widgets on your site. As a result, people can share it, or link back to it whenever they can. It will help you acquire an inbound link for being active on social media. 

Track your backlinks

With the help of Google Search Console, you can monitor your backlinks. It is basically a free tool that you can use for knowing top linking pages, top linked sites, and even the top linking anchor text. Additionally, with SEMrush, you can check the activities of your backlinks. If the other websites have mentioned you as giving you backlinks, make sure your URL is still alive and NOT dead, because you cannot track other brands all the time whether they mention it properly or not. So to ensure that all your mentions are in the proper places, you have to conduct this task most of the time to track all your backlinks.

Create FREE Tools & Templates

If you really want to help your targeted customers, create and offer some FREE tools and templates on your website. In order to gain credibility in the eyes of your customer, you have to provide them with loads of resourceful information along with free tools and relevant templates. It may help you get inbound links from many other agencies and partners around the world if they are in the same industry. 

Case Study for Gaining Credibility

Who does not want exposure in a positive manner? Of course, everyone does! If you are working to get maximum growth in your industry, never forget to showcase the success stories of your customers and their businesses. Make some case studies on those customers who fully know your services and later on, you can feature them on your site regarding their achievements and accolades around their own business. It will definitely be a feel-good matter for your customers. In a healthy manner, it will work for you to get backlinks in return and you will get it as your CREDIBILITY because your customers believe in you for your quality services.


Final Thought

As I said earlier, building backlinks or inbound links for your website is a long gradual process same as giving birth to a child which takes a couple of months to see the light of this world.

And also remember, that keeping your backlinks safe is as important as building them. So keep a constant track of those, because if we want to gain it naturally, it will take time. So whatever I have shared is exactly the way I have applied those techniques to my business to grow. Hope you have now got some insights to follow.

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