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SEO Basic Overview For Beginners | Higher Google Rank

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Hey! being a certified SEO professional and working for more than 8 years in the SEO industry, I now feel that I should share some SEO guidelines with you. It’s a more hyped package of knowledge in 2021, and yes! Without SEO, now most of the things are incomplete. 

Adding some more about my SEO experience, I have ranked more than thousands of competitive keywords and generated millions of organic traffic for my own business and as well as for my client’s websites.

Now, For the last 8 years, I’ve learned lots of things about SEO, and I also faced many ups and downs in this SEO industry.

But, I always tried hard for my works, and in this article, I’m going to share some amazing tips and tricks and my personal experience, including what will work in SEO or what will never work better in SEO… all about Search Engines Optimization.

So, If you are a beginner and want to learn SEO, let’s dig into my tips and tricks for Basic SEO, giving you a better overview for your further steps!

Google Updates & SEO

Most SEO professionals and website owners are very worried about Google updates. They are very conscious about it. Such as what types of updates would come next and what will be the impact for those updates. 

But Google Update is very natural because they are also working for their users. Say, for example- suppose someone searches on Google with some keywords, and they are not getting the relevant result from Google search, and at the same time, they aren’t getting the quality website then what could be happening?

They will never build their trust upon Google. Right?

So, Google needs to update its Algorithm to display better and relevant search results, and also have to remove the bad website from the SERP.

Now, if you are an SEO professional, Then you have nothing to worry about Google update. You just need to focus on quality Works.

Better Quality

Almost everyone now knows about SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization.

So, we use some techniques, some strategies in our website for optimizing on search engine. But in my opinion, I think SEO stands for better quality. If you ensure quality work than your competitor, then definitely you will meet a higher rank.

So When I talk about quality work, that means there is something that we all need to follow. Yes, if you follow those tactics, then you definitely can ensure better quality works. 

High-Quality Content

For Quality works, the most important and the very first thing is High-quality Content. Everyone knows content is king. But I think Content is everything!

Because when any visitor comes to our website, we can’t communicate with our visitors directly. But our content can communicate with our visitors.

So, when your content maintains everything to become high-quality content, you will get benefit from your conversion rate optimization.

Now, How can you build quality content?

To create quality content, you have to write as an expert, use personal experience and focus on storytelling in your content, Use short sentences, choose easy words, right actionable content, ask yourself if your content can answer any of your visitors’ questions or not?

Your content must need to be unique! It’s very important for any quality content.

It has to be unique and fresh, and if you copy from another website or re-write from other websites, it will never add any value.

So, if you copy from others, why will search engines give you the top result?

That’s why your content needs to be unique and needs to maintain lots of good qualities.

When your content looks good and readable, easy to understand, and totally fresh, you have a chance to rank higher.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

You will notice that most people use their mobile to search for anything as it’s really handy nowadays. 

More than 60%-70% of the traffic we get from mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile, it’s high time to fix a mobile-friendly website. It’s a Must!

Google and other search engines never rank your website if your website is not optimized for mobile devices.

So, just check your website that is mobile-friendly or not, and if not, then just fix it as soon as possible.

Improve Your User Experience & Website Architecture

Improving your user experience is a must. When someone searches on Google and browses your website, Google always monitors the visitors. Google always tracks that the visitor did press on the back button or that user stays on your website for a long time!

And when some visitors browse your website for a long time, it also gives a clear hint or instruction to Google that this user actually pretty much loving your website.

So, this one is very important to rank your website higher.

You can follow some tips and tricks to improve your user experience.

For a better user experience, you can use clear call-to-action, you can choose eye catchy colors and fonts that easy to read. You will find tons of better fonts that’s readability score is too high.

So when you are thinking about choosing a font, keep the focus on specific things and remove elements that slow down your website. You always should remove and optimize something that is harming your website speed such as Big images, pop-ups, and those are sometimes your user not going to like. So you need to AB testing and try to understand which things are your user going to like and which things are kind of useless.

And if I talk about website architecture, this part is also very important for indexing. If your website architecture is not good, Google and other callers never going to call your website. 

Now you can ask me, what actually website architecture means?

well, website architecture is how a website’s pages are structured and linked together. 

Now, how you can find which website maintains a good architecture and which one is not?

In my video, I showed why some website is not built with good architecture. But in very short, pages several clicks away from the homepage may not be indexed and interlinking site architecture is always easy indexing. And those structure is good for SEO. Overall your website has to be very organized.

Optimize Your Page Speed

Optimize Your Page Speed

So next one is another must for a better SEO experience. 

Google officially confirmed that Google monitors the page speed, and if your website takes more than 3 sec to load you won’t rank higher. 

You should invest in better hosting to host your website, optimize your images, optimize and combine your CSS and Javascript files for better speed.

So, You always be conscious and need to keep more focus on better speed.

Better Your On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is a big part of SEO. You need to focus on URL structure, website structure, keyword placement, content placement, All types of headings importantly H1 and H2 headings, Each and everything in your website needs to better. and make a better On-page optimization following these simple but effective steps.

If you want to know about On-page optimization you can read and watch my dedicated article and Vidoes{Link}. I described there broadly about On-page optimization.

Earn Relevant & Authoritative Backlinks

The backlink is one of the most important in the total SEO world. If you want to rank higher, definitely you need quality backlinks.

So, what actually quality backlink means? And what are the bad kind of backlinks that you should avoid?

I’m giving you some basic examples to better understand. Though in my video I explain with visualize example you can see this one for more understanding. 

If you browse (just giving an example). On this website, anyone can register, and then they can build backlinks. It’s one kind of UGC website and all UGC websites are not bad but this type of website is really bad!

Because, This website looks like a spam website, and if you check you will see that every link is “no follow” and too many links on only one page. 

The “No-Follow” link will never be passing Juice on your website. 

Now, if you get links from these types of websites, it will never be going to add any value.

So, there you will find many websites that are exactly like this one.

So, from where you will get good qualities backlink. Well if you browse for Backlinko, They are a very popular and authentic website. 

There are many good qualities website from there you will actually get quality backlinks and when you will achieve a backlink from an authentic website with good content it will be added as a quality backlink for your website. 

Same as this part, I have another detailed article and video about quality backlinks. So if you are interested to know more you are always welcome! As you need to focus on backlinks to get a better SEO journey for your own websites or for your client’s websites. 

Create A Brand 

Branding is very essential in the SEO world. If you are a popular brand then it definitely will help in the SEO game!

Because when someone searches on your industry and finds your website and people will click inside your website then you’ll get more CTR in ACRP.

So, when you get more CTR Google will give you a higher rank.  

And it’s really a matter to share with you that Google actually loves BRANDS! and not only Google you will see that people also love brands nowadays.

When people search for anything on Google and they find a popular website they always click on it to see what actually they are giving, maybe I can find something good for me, maybe I’ll be benefited. And yes it really happens for your case too. Right?

So, when you create a brand, it’s another good opportunity to rank higher.

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